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Move My Vehicle | Classic Car Transportation & Recovery | Harrogate

Need Urgent Classic Car Transportation?

Old is Gold

Move My Vehicle provides unsurpassed classic car transportation for vintage and special cars. This includes exotic, sports and luxury cars. We know that these beauties hold a special place in your heart and may be of sentimental value to you and your family. It is with this in mind why we make sure we take that extra effort to safely transport your cars. Even if it be to the local garage, storage facility or to any other location of your choice.

We try even harder to make sure our services fit in with you.

Tailored classic car transportation

Classic cars need to be handled differently than the modern day cars. At Move My Vehicle, our professional staff are well versed and extremely skilled in handling these types of cars. Our transportation method guarantees that your vintage car will be delivered on time and in the condition that it was collected in.

To give you piece of mine we carry out a full pre-collection inspection before taking the keys. Once delivery has taken place we carry out a full delivery inspection making sure there hasn’t been and damage occurred.

We guarantee complete peace of mind and value for your money!

We can ensure you that your vehicle will be delivered safe and sound, on time and to the destination of your choice. This being due to our fleet of custom made, absolutely sealed car transporters. We also have a great amount of experience in transporting special automobiles.

For grade-A classic car transportation, make us your first choice and be pleasantly surprised.

We assure unmatched services at competitive prices, in and around Harrogate.
Let us know what your needs are. We will provide you with regular updates on your car delivery.

Classic Car Transportation, Breakdown and Recovery Harrogate

Why choose us?

  • We are 100% legally compliant and fully insured.
  • We have specially designed transport that gives us the reassurance to be able to transport high-value cars safely and securely across country and overseas.
  • With our transporters being fully sealed, no-one can see what is inside.
  • Having a fully sealed transporter vehicle also means that the cargo inside is fully protected from all elements.
  • Here at Move My Vehicle we use a custom designed locking system which prevents both movement and damage happening to the vehicle in transit.
  • All of our drivers and staff are fully trained and are very competent with the handling of these high class vehicles.
  • We have years of experience with driving, collection and the delivery of these types of vehicles  among the company.
  • Move My Vehicle has large levels of customer satisfaction, demonstrating that we deliver what we advertise.
  • Our professionalism and dedication is evident from the off, as such you will not be disappointed by the services you receive.
  • To put the icing on the cake we are affordable and offer competitive rates.